About Us

Bad Beat Brewing opened in July 2014 by Nathan Hall born out of his love of poker and craft beer. Never one to shy away from a gamble, Nathan sold his house and spent every dollar in his bank account to fund his dream. A Bad Beat in the poker world means you’re the underdog and starting a craft brewery in Las Vegas is definitely against the odds.

At our taproom you will find 4 outrageously tasty year round offerings and 8 rotating specialties. Every month we have new beer releases in the taproom so check the events page for what’s next! You can always head over to the What’s On Tap page to see what we’re pouring right now!

You’ll also find steel tip darts, original Nintendo, Cards Against Humanity, a movie projector to watch the game, giant Jenga, and shuffleboard! Food is allowed in the taproom by having it delivered or bringing it in yourself. We do have food trucks every Thursday night and during every beer release! Cheers!

The People


Founder & Owner

  • Proprietor of Bad Beat
  • Payer of all the bills
  • Taster of all the beers
  • Father of 1 amazing daughter
  • Book worm
  • Adventurer
  • World’s most okayest boss


Beer Slanger

  • Slanger of said beers
  • Sarcastic and straight faced
  • Hockey zealot
  • Trivia co-conspirator
  • Dog lover
  • Wearer of the fancy pants


Head Brewer

  • Master of the brews
  • Yeast nerd
  • Hop fanatic
  • Crafter of beer recipes by day,            Star Wars geek by night
  • Daddy of 3 adorable monsters
  • Husband of 1 Amber Barkley


Assistant Brewer/ Cellar Extraordinaire

  • Brewer of beers
  • Cleaner of tanks
  • Canning line accomplice
  • Del Taco enthusiast
  • Pit Bull daddy
  • Car guy


Office Manager/ Mama Bear of the Brewery

  • Trivia host personality
  • Office zookeeper
  • Growler party telemarketer
  • Game night aficinado
  • Maker of all the babies
  • Wife of 1 Weston Barkley                         (work wife of 1 Nathan Hall)


7380 Eastgate Rd #110, Henderson, NV 89011