Luau Brown

Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale w/ Lactose
8.7% ABV

For this Luau, we introduce an Imperial Brown ale, brewed with a smidge of lactose, boiled for 3 hours (double our standard boil), and then aged in barrels that were seasoned with every pirate’s favorite spirit… Rum! Luau Brown tastes as pretty as she looks! Starting with a unique rich maltiness which include flavors of toast, graham crackers, toffee, and caramel. Then giving way to delicate notes of spiced rum, vanilla, and oak. The lactose addition adds a silky creaminess, and a unique fruitiness when combined with the malt. The extended boil concentrates the wort sugars and gives an extra layer of complexity. We finish it off with a little higher than usual carbonation for this type of beer to enhance drinkability and help showcase Luau Browns’ gorgeous aromatics! Mahalo!

Black Tie Affair

American stout
6.7% ABV

American Stout is the oddball of the stout family. It’s a stout that is fermented with a clean and crisp yeast (opposed to the fruity and softer English strains). It incorporates a variety of specialty malts beyond roasted and burnt and welcomes the use of resinous, American hops! Our grist structure for Black Tie Affair creates layers of diverse toasted cocoa, coffee, toffee, and maltiness from aggressive quantities of specialty malt. Higher hop loads, a thorough yeast strain and a fermentable mash profile create great drinkability while also allowing the hops to better express themselves. Hopwise, we used Columbus, Willamette, and Centennial for a unique flavor profile, with some classic American hoppiness! Bottoms up!!

All the Kolsch Kids Are Doing It


4.9% ABV

Succumb to peer pressure and be rewarded with pure fermented pleasure.! Kolsch is a pale and delicate style of beer brought to us by German brew masters, and just in time for stein season! With our Kolsch, we bring you a beer that is the most crushable of crushable and super enjoyable to drink. Which is perfect, because you’ll surely find yourself drinking plenty of it!
For those gorgeous earthy and floral aromatics, as well as a balancing bitterness, we use the always classic Saaz hop. For the glowing yellow color, crisp yet fluffy mouthfeel, and soft bready maltiness we use the palest of the pale German pilsner malt, with a tiny amount of wheat. For the brilliant clarity and removing all the yeast, tannin, and polyphenols that extended cold storage (lagering) didn’t remove, we used our filter press! Finally, we present to you the new standard for drinkability, cheers!

Milky Way


6.8 % abv

Adding lactose to an IPA sounds crazy, but so did sending humans into space, the internet, and deliberately brewing and serving a murky beer! Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a vast, wonderous and mysterious place. Humans have been pondering at the stars for-literally-ever, and it’s easy to place that wonder and amazement into things we do here on planet Earth. For us, that is beer, and hops are the stars in our little slice of the universe! So, we got our hands on some Galaxy and Comet hops (it was only fitting). Plus, a little lactose for that creamy, “milky” sweetness.
For this NE IPA we wanted to be a little heavy handed in the hops department. Thus, we added just under 4.5 pounds of Galaxy and Comet hops per barrel of beer… (at a 3 to 1 ratio favoring Galaxy of course). What we got, is an IPA as unique as the galaxy around us! Beautiful and gigantic notes of sweet grapefruit, fruit punch, peach, and citrus rind just explode out of the glass and will tingle all your taste buds!!

Beginner’s Luck


5.2 % abv

Beginners Luck is a Roggenbier! Hefe”RYE”zien would be a great way to simply describe this cloudy, chestnut beer with fluffy off-white foam! Fermented with the same yeast strain as our Bluffing Isn’t Weisse. You’ll notice some bubblegum and vanilla aromatics, before tasting the awesome toffee & toast malt characteristics. Toasty, toffee, spicy rye backbone, with hints of banana bread as well!

Jungle Juice

Gose w/ Pineapple & Mango Puree

4.4 % abv

Gose (pronounced “goes-uh”) is a low alcohol, tart wheat ale with a touch of salinity. It’s a super unique and fun little style of beer, and we are incredibly excited to brew one up for you all! We used a new strain of lactobacillus that gives off tropical fruit aromatics with soft and easy flavors. Just when you think this beer couldn’t be any more fun or delicious, we go and dose it with 168lbs of mango and 84lbs of pineapple! This beer is tart, fruity & refreshing… Enjoy!!


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