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Around the Globe Slovenia

Hazy IPA / 6.5% abv

Welcome to Slovenia! In our second installment inthis hazy IPA series we decided to go somewhere we’ve never been. Come take the journey with us and experience the amazing and unique flavor profiles of Slovenia hops! Unfiltered, low bitterness, and massive hop flavors ensures maximum drinkability.

Pineapple Upside Down

Pineapple Upside Down Gose

Gose w/ Pineapple and Cherry Puree

4.4% abv

Bright shades of red fill your glass as your greeted with big pineapple aroma. Slightly tart, slightly sweet pineapple and cherry greet you on your first sip. More tartness develops as you drink this super crushable summertime treat. Perfect for relaxing by the pool, after your next hike, or hanging with friends. Cheers!

Black is beautiful

Imperial Stout

10 % abv

Black is Beautiful is a rich Imperial stout with a diverse and complex array of chocolate, toffee, fig and caramel flavors! We brewed this beer as part of the Worldwide Collaboration Brew started by Weathered Souls Brewing Co. This collaboration movement is to help raise awareness and diversity within the beer community as well as foster a safe space where everyone feels welcome and included. All proceeds from this beer and merchandise will go directly to our local NAACP Branch #1111, specifically the Legal Defense Fund that will assist in fighting racial injustice. Not only do we plan to work with our local NAACP on this project but are building a relationship to continue future endeavors. You can make a difference by purchasing and helping support this amazing cause! Cheers!

Poppin’ Bottles

Super Gose

8.4 % abv

Earlier this year we brewed an Imperial Gose and aged it in Chardonnay and Champagne barrels. The result is a complex Gose that’s twice the alcohol content of a normal one with notes of fruit, white wine, oak, and vanilla! Less tart than our normal Gose’s but full of fun and new flavors unlike any Gose you’ve ever had!

The “coco” nuts

Coconut IPA

6.8 % abv

The Nuts refers to an unbeatable hand in poker which is appropriate for this amazing new IPA! Brewed with real coconut flakes alongside Wolf and Sabro hops which also give off coconut flavors! A pillowy soft body with hoppy, tropical, and coconut flavors to tantalize your palate throughout each sip.

The Cycle


4 % abv

Every anniversary brings us a new lager style that’s baseball themed for our head brewer’s love of the game. The Cycle is black in color with coffee, caramel, and lightly roasted flavors finishing ultra smooth for an amazing finish!

Wander off the beat’n path

Witbier w/ Coriander & Grapefruit Peel

4.8 % abv

This was our second collaboration ever and with a great brewery out of Minnesota called Unmapped Brewing! We wanted to join forces to make a unique, easy-drinking, Belgian witbier. The result is just that! We added coriander and grapefruit peel to pair perfectly with the citrus hops. By no means is this beer hoppy or bitter however the hops reinforce the citrus notes from the grapefruit and coriander. A little bit of fruitiness and spices from the yeast and the package is complete. Enjoy!

Essential Porter

Porter w/ Cacao Nibs

4.7 % abv

This porter was brewed with some of the best tasting malts we have ever come by! Literally the specialty malt tastes like peanuts (YUM!). Pair that with Cacao nibs and you’ve got an easy-drinking peanut and chocolate Porter! The name came from being on lockdown and not knowing what was going to happen with the future of our business. Luckily we were able to start and now still continue to do curbside so we can get our beer into your hands. Cheers!

Hoppin’ Around the Globe

Hazy IPA w/ American Hops

6.5 % abv

This is a new hazy IPA series where we travel the globe in search of hops we’ve never used before! We began our journey in America with Citra, Amarillo, and Centennial hops that give off huge grapefruit pulp aroma and flavors. It has a big hop presence but very low bitterness that ensures maximum drinkability. Join our hop traveling adventures by grabbing a glass of this tasty hazy!

Smooth Call

Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Oatmeal Stout

9.9 % abv

Aged in Whiskey Barrels with aggressive roasted malts and a truckload of oats! Layers of dark chocolate and cocoa give way to subtle oak and an incredibly unique chocolate chip crust finish! This beer definitely lives up to its name of Smooth… try a glass and see!

Quarantine Gose by so slowly

Gose w/ Lemon and Blueberry Puree

4.6 % abv

The first thing you notice is the intense electric purple color! Then you’ll immediately smell the amazing fruity aromas as soon as you crack open your can or growler. Those same lemon and blueberry flavors come through beautifully as you take your first sip with a deliciously tart aftertaste. Tart, fruity, and super crushable! Great by the pool, the great outdoors, great anywhere when you need a refreshing beer!


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