Garbage Idea to Put a Team in the Desert

Welcome to the impossible! This beer is dedicated to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, their historic inaugural season, and how this group of “misfits” helped pull our city, and its’ people back together after the most tragic event Las Vegas has ever suffered.

“Garbage Idea to Put a Team in the Desert” was one of the many insults flung at the Golden Knights franchise coming into their first season. The Knights, however, brushed off all the hate and stayed focused on the goal in front of them. The more trash that came out of people’s mouth, the harder they focused, practiced, and played! This is a similar discipline we keep here at Bad Beat, we don’t get caught up in the nonsense. We keep our nose to the grindstone and stay focused on consistently presenting and producing the finest beer we can. Amarillo and Vic Secret hops face off throughout the hot and cold side of brewing this beer and these two put on a rollercoaster of a show! Heavy melon and fruit punch dominate the flavor and aroma with grapefruit rind, orange, pine, tropical and floral notes on a subtler stage. One of our favorite pale malts, English Pearl, provides the rink for the hops to skate upon, along with some carapils, wheat, and a small percentage of rye for a crisp and delicious malt profile that you can enjoy if you don’t get checked into the boards by the hops first! Cheers and GO Knights GO!!

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go

Big Blind

The concept for Big Blind was simple. Get some aggressively fruity hops, let them mingle, then serve the beer in its raw, unfiltered form. We grabbed the following hops and had ourselves a good ole time! Mosaic, today’s superstar hop named for its dynamic and diverse array of tropical fruit characteristics. Mandarina Bavaria, a newer hop from Germany nicknamed “the tangerine machine”. Amarillo, the most senior hop, known for giving off ruby red grapefruit and fruit punch characteristics. Finally, Denali, the baby of the bunch. Denali is a new variety with extremely high oil content (the stuff that contains all the goodies) that displays quite a bit of pineapple.

Together these hops are pure awesomeness. Most notably, huge flavors reminiscent of pineapple and lime lifesaver candies, with a wide variety of citrus aromatics that you could only get at the grocery store. Subtler tangerine and pineapple flavors soften a resinous characteristic. All of this wraps up with a giant finale of flavor that is pure grapefruit pulp! Hops alone do not make a beer, so some special finesse went into the grist. Golden Promise and Pilsen malt make up the backbone of the grist, with a bit of white wheat and dextrose as a finishing touch. This makes a unique, mellow, and delicious wort for our yeast to chew through and the hop load to nestle into.

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go

Royal Pils

Double Pilsner
8.0% ABV

Let us propose a toast, to all of those who understand that life is not about the destination, but the journey! In regards to brewing, there’s plenty of ways to get a fermented and carbonated malt beverage in your glass. With Royal Pils, we scrutinized every step of the way more than ever. Including, but far from limited to, a head to head and side by side sensory analysis of some of the best pilsner malts we could get our hands on. We selected a German variety that was mellow with a touch of sweetness, and prominently featured this lively floral characteristic that seemed to just explode in your mouth like fireworks .

Of course, that malt selection goes hand in hand with the flavors and aromas 4 hop varietals we chose; Saaz, Liberty, Crystal, and Perle. Combined with the base Pilsner malt we give you big, yet delicate, aromas of coastal sea breeze mixed with an earthiness that is most relatable to what you’d smell walking through the woods during a light rain. Sounds to good to be true? Only one way to find out!

Available on draft and in 12 oz. cans

Look What You Made Me Do

Practically since the dawn of IPA’s an IPA has been a hop showcase. As time went on, we got more awesome hops and found new and fun ways to show them. The one constant though has always been, “don’t get in the hops way”. Ferment ‘em dry and keep your grist simple. However, now we find ourselves in an interesting place! The IPA has successfully been reimagined with the NEIPA style. Although still a hop showcase, things such as neutral ale yeast, bone dry attenuation, and even being a bitter beer have been thrown out. So instead of yelling at the kids to get off our lawn, we brewed up something special and invited them over for a party!

Starting with a simple grist of soft pilsen malt, doughy white wheat, along with smaller parts of toasty & nutty Munich malt, we form a beautiful backbone for the hops and pineapple to get crazy on. Hop wise, Simcoe leads the charge with Chinook and Mosaic adding their nuances. From there we threw caution into the wind and added 17 pounds per barrel (of beer) of sweet and juicy pineapple! Tradition will get over it, because as the kids say, YOLO!

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go

Feeling Friscy

California Common is the only uniquely American beer style, and despite its name, it’s not terribly common at all. Feeling Friscy takes you on a little journey to the San Francisco bay area, where the style originated from. Accompanying you on your journey is a soft palette of toasted and caramel malts packing flavors reminiscent of bread crusts and toffee. The hops aren’t shy in this beer either! Northern Brewer is the main hop flavor providing a rather unique rustic earthy and floral flavor profile with a fresh cut oak, woodsy finish. Cascade and Willamette add some background spice and orange zest. A lager yeast that ferments out clean but does so at ale temperatures in the last component brings this burnt orange hybrid lager together. So relax, savor, and make this uncommon common, a little more common!

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go

The Heater

It's the most wonderful time of the year. In the spirit of the holiday season, we give you the Heater. Starting with a massive imperial milk stout, then adding roasted Serrano peppers for a subtle spicy kick. Creating a dynamic drinking experience taking you from sweet to heat. Proof that the best things don't always come in small packages….just smaller pours!

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go

Morning Payoff

Everyone loves to joke about beer for breakfast, while we prefer to take it seriously! The goal here is simple: make a beer that will go with breakfast. Coffee was a no brainer, as was getting our coffee from our friends at Mothership coffee roasters. Next, we added oats, literally the same rolled oats you’ll find in oatmeal. Followed by a couple different types of malted wheat (cereal and toast), lactose (the sugar found in milk) and a touch of smoked malt (adds a savory quality you’d get from bacon or grilled ham). Finally, we mash a lot of roasted and chocolate malts to layer coffee, brownie, cocoa, and milk chocolate qualities. Put all of this together, and it’s glorious! A rich and savory imperial stout with loads of dark chocolate, brownie crusts, and coffee. Also, did you know this shit was almost called “Party All Night”?

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go

Gut Gespielt

As a beer drinker, Oktoberfest is like Christmas. Since it is better to give than receive, we give you this “Well Played” masterpiece, Gut Gespielt, our bourbon barrel aged double Marzen. Made with a whole lot of Vienna malt, a little bit of dark carapils malt, and 4 additions of Crystal hops throughout the boil. Then we fermented out with our favorite lager yeast, and finally, we “lagered” it in bourbon barrels for 6 months. Toasty, subtle toffee, caramelized sugar, and apricot flavors elegantly intertwine with toasted oak and subtle bourbon.

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go


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