The Brewery

Bad Beat Brewing started it’s first brew day on June 5th 2014 with Gutshot, our dry Irish stout. Initially starting out with a cellar capacity of 40 bbls (beer barrels) we have since grown and now have a cellar capacity of about 130 bbls including our barrel aging program. We brew, bottle, and can all on site and currently distribute in Nevada only.

You can view our brewery from our shuffleboard room which is through the door on our east wall! Just look for the door titled “Shuffleboard and Brewery”.

Behind The Scenes


  • We brew everything 10 bbls at a time. That’s about 310 gallons a batch. We even do double batches for certain beers! That’s 620 gallons of beer! 
  • 4 of our 5  year round beers are canned on site by us! We originally hand bottled most of our beers but upgraded to a canning line due to the convenience, mobility, and recyclability of cans! 
  • Our barrel aging program has grown from 1 bourbon barrel to 4 chardonnay barrels, 4 whiskey barrels, and 8 bourbon barrels. 
  • Not so fun fact: We were out of production for two weeks due to the death of our original boil kettle… RIP Tankenstein…
  • Quality Control is an important aspect for all breweries. We have a small but growing lab where we analyze our yeast, beer in tanks and packages for beer spoiling bacteria and wild yeast.

Contact Us


1421 S. Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89104


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