Year Round

The Ringer

German Pilsner
5.1% ABV

What the hell is “craft lager” anyway? Why is it so frequently tied to a bland and boring beer? Let's stop mailing it in, and halfheartedly making swill while trying to pass it off as "craft" beer. How about if we want to make a "craft lager", we actually CRAFT a LAGER! Rant over and wish granted! The Ringer is our meticulously hand crafted, take on a traditional German style Pilsner. All pilsner malt with a touch of Munich, to add a little bit of rich toastiness to that crisp and snappy malt flavor that sits as an elegant & graceful backbone for beautiful hop bouquet. Spalt Select & crystal are sprinkled through the boil for the modern, yet familiar noble hop character. At the end of the boil, we bring those two back and add a larger dose of Mandarina Bavaria for a touch tangerine. Modern yet traditional. Crisp and effervescent. Easy and nuanced. One and another. Cheers!

Available on draft and in 12 oz. cans


5.1% ABV

The beer in your hand was our first seasonal, the first keg we ever kicked and our
original best seller! Its cloudy appearance isn’t transparent, but we’d like to be. We don’t brew Hefeweizen for any other reason than this… WE… LOVE… HEFEWEIZEN! We love the apricot our yeast strain presents alongside it’s banana, clove, bubble gum and vanilla aromas. We love the rich and fresh doughy malt character with ever so earthy and floral hop flavors. We love that we can pack so much flavor and aroma into such a refreshing pint AND we think you’ll love it too!

Available on draft and in 12 oz. cans

I ❤️ NV

5.1% ABV

Nevada (Ne-va-duh…not Ne-vah-duh) is a special place and only special beer will do it justice! We absolutely were not going to brew a macro industrial lager knockoff and then expect you to be ok with that. We are a craft brewery. We take that seriously. We love Nevada, and we take that seriously too!

Nevada is incredibly diverse… in lifestyle, people, weather, and overall culture. That makes crafting a beer to embody it quite difficult. However, at Bad Beat, we do not shy away from a challenge! Thus, we proudly present to you this gorgeous Amber lager. It’s a little hoppy, a little malty, a lot crisp, and a lot more crushable! Exquisitely balanced with biscuit and caramelized sugar malt flavors against floral and citrus hops. Easy, flavorful, and elegantly nuanced.

We love Nevada!

Available on draft and in 12 oz cans.

Hoppy Times

7.0% ABV

Hoppy Times is a classic West Coast IPA with some modern flare. We don’t beat you over the head with giant bittering additions. Bone dry attenuation, and water chemistry favoring sulfates helps deliver the balance we achieve. We then pass those hop savings right back to you in the form of late kettle or dry hop additions. Palisade, Citra, Cascade, and Chinook come together for an orange and pine party with subtler aromas of lime, grapefruit rind, pineapple, and apricot. If this beer isn’t hoppy enough, it’s you not us. This beer is ALWAYS 21 days or younger in our taproom.

Available on draft and in 12 oz cans.


7380 Eastgate Rd #110, Henderson, NV 89011